4 easy steps to download all Latest Hindi Movies Freely

Don’t waste money to buy CDs of Hindi movies. Know here how to download all latest Hindi movies freely from internet by using torrents. This tutorial is for those who don’t know about torrents to download movies.

So if you want to watch any latest Hindi movie or bollywood Movies without spending a penny, use torrent to get it. You can get DVD quality Hindi movies free of cost by using torrents. Just use following steps to download all movies by using torrents.

Step 1. Download torrent software from http://www.utorrent.com .This is a free software of small size. Install it on your computer. This is essential to use torrent.

Step 2. Search your favorite Hindi or Bollywood movies from http://isohunt.com .You will get all latest Hindi movies there. Type name of movie in search box.

Step 3. After getting your favorite Hindi or Bollywood movie, click on it. You will get a torrent file link for that movie. Download this torrent file on your Desktop. This small sized torrent file of your favorite hindi movie is the door to download that movie.

Step4. After saving on your hard drive, click on that file, torrent software will open automatically, click on green start button. Movie will start downloading on your hard drive. Even if you close utorrnt, downloaded portion of movie will not vanish, if you start again utorrent, movie will start downloading again from that point.

This process is really easy. You will get movie from multiple source in this way, there is nothing illegal in this. If your internet connection is slow, you can use your sleeping hour to download. Even if connection fails at any time, you will not loose downloaded portion. So in this way you can download any Hindi or bollywood movies in multiple session.

The source of movie is not any website in this process, but the source is all people who are using torrent. So this is something like sharing a movie by using same platform.

Don’t try to open movie unless it is fully downloaded.

Now enjoy all latest Hindi movies like- Om Shanti OM, Jab We Met Etc on your PC.


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