Dianna Agron: Moving On with Chris Evans?

Dianna Agron: Moving On with Chris Evans?: "

Looking as good as she does, it’s no wonder that the lovely Dianna Agron can’t stay single for long.

Although nothing has been confirmed, the word around the gossip mill is that the “Glee” gal has moved on from ex-beau, Alex Pettyfer, and is now dating actor Chris Evans.

Agron and the “Captain America: The First Avenger” star have reportedly been dating ever since they met at the Weinstein/Montblanc pre-Oscar party back in February - and it sure sounds as if she’s already gotten his family's approval.

An insider told Life & Style, “Chris’ brother Scott is a huge fan of her show, and he particularly loves Dianna. He and his friends like to joke that as long as she stays on the show, the family will welcome her with open arms!”


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