Angelina's next victim

Remember the hot, steamy chemistry between Brad & Angelina during the filming of Mr. & Mrs. Smith? Well.. Angie has another hot, new steamy film coming up, The Tourist.

Last week Life & Style obtained a draft of Julian Fellow's screenplay and scenes go down a similar burning path. Except not with Brad. Angelina's rumored co-star is luscious, charming Johnny Depp. (Word is Tom Cruise was originally intended to play the role. Bad visual.)

Jolie will play Interpol agent Cara Mason and Depp will play Frank Taylor, an American tourist who she uses to get what she wants. Shocker.

A scene from the draft goes like this, "The outline of her naked body is visible in the shower. Frank walks to the shower and opens the glass door. Walking in, he lifts Cara against the glass, clutching at her slithery body, kissing her frantically. She kisses him back with ardor, wrapping her dripping legs around his back." Yowza.

Johnny, 46 and Jolie, 34 will start shooting at the beginning of the year and will release in 2011. Will the be sparks? Tun tun tunnn..

Life & Style/PR Photos


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