Gibson...The edge of a rocky hillside

Mel Gibson was in a car accident last night in Malibu. Gibson allegedly lost control of his 2008 Maserati and ended up towed after he hit the "rocky hillside on Malibu Canyon Road."

Gibson was not hurt and a friend picked him up. Alcohol was supposedly not a part of the equation. Oh, of course not! Why would anyone even think that?

From TMZ/PR Photos

Update: "Gibson told officers in the field he did not know how the car drifted out of the lane and into the hillside." Officers followed up by asking Gibson if he was on a cell phone and he said no. Public Info Officer Leland Tang adds officers also asked Gibson if he had dozed off "but he did not give a firm 'yes' or 'no'." Gibson just repeated several times, "I don't know how the car left the roadway." So, is that when they gave Mel a sobriety test?? Oh, I forgot. Gibson owns Malibu.


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