Hey all of you Star Wars geeks!

Model Adrianne Curry claims she was "molested" outside a Stars Wars Expo...I thought all you fans acted like good soldiers, like a Jedi and stuff? What the hell? So disappointed.

Was she wearing the above during this incident? I can only imagine. And some weirdo just can't keep his hands to himself, gross. Very pathetic. "Adrianne Curry called police in Orlando this weekend claiming a drunk man reached up her skirt and "molested" her outside of a Star Wars convention."

It happened around 3am, where it seems she got stuck and had to wait- it took police an hour to get to her. According to the police report, the officer who arrived at the hotel claims he "came in contact with the male as he lay in the bushes at the entrance to the hotel." Nice.

"The officer claims he spoke to multiple witnesses -- one of which said the suspect "attempted several times to fight several other people as they stood outside waiting to be picked up for the Star Wars convention."

"The man was eventually arrested for disorderly intoxication."

Curry later Tweeted, "cops are here..molesting pervert drunk in the back of their car...going to bed ... i cannot believe last night happened....love star wars...but ready to leave."

The creep has ruined it for all of you Star Wars nuts! No more cred! He may been a random hobo that wandered by though, right? Or a Darth Vader? Does Darth molest chicks?

Photo/Story: TMZ


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