Leo and the School of Scorsese

Leonardo DiCaprio just finished up Shutter Island, his fourth film with Martin Scorsese. Leo says working with Scorsese is like attending school. The director asks the cast to watch "a vast number of films before working on a new project because the filmmaker is so insistent on thorough research."

"We watch a lot of films for lighting and mood tone, a lot of obscure movies," Leo said. "I remember for 'The Aviator' we watched 'House of Wax' just for the dialogue - because Marty remembered the dialogue in that movie was really snappy." Obscure.

He continues, "It's like a little cool learning workshop before we start to make the movie. It's a film course, you get a crash course, like an education."

"He's the best teacher. I'm sure that there are professors out there but I would challenge anyone to know as much about movies as him.

"I would see Marty up there against anyone in the world as far as film knowledge is concerned because it's weird. He knows not only the film but the editor and second assistant director of an obscure French film. It's weird because that's what he does, that's all he does, that's who he is. He's a man of film."

FF/Total Film/PR Photos


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