Seinfeld is back!

This week's Entertainment Weekly covered a Seinfeld reunion with Jerry (Jerry Seinfeld), George (Jason Alexander), Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), and Kramer (Michael Richards) as the cast joined old pal Larry David for the new season of HBO's Curb Your Enthusiasm.

When David approached Seinfeld about a reunion plot on Curb in spring 2008, Jerry was pretty cool with the notion. "The idea of working with Larry was just too overwhelmingly appealing to me, and [Curb] is such a great show," he says. "There was a little part of me that said, ‘Do we really want to tamper?'...But to hell with it. How much damage can you really do?"...

It's the anti-reunion reunion," says Louis-Dreyfus, "and I'd like to copyright that."

Read more at EW On stands tomorrow


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