They do not sleep in Spain...

Ryan Reynolds gave up his sanity to film Buried. Reynolds said he was "so desperate to cure his insomnia while filming the flick, he convinced his family to try smuggling sleep aides to him on the set in Spain."

"Reynolds stars as a trucker who is kidnapped in Iraq and buried alive in the film, but he didn't predict shooting long scenes locked in a coffin would take such a mental toll." And how/why could he NOT predict this? I can't even watch the trailer.

Apparently, over-the-counter sleep aides here in the U.S. are illegal in Spain. He said, "I'd go home and I'd pace until sun up, like a vampire, and then climb into a coffin... I was losing my mind, I hadn't slept in days, weeks." He begged his family to help him, but Spanish immigration blocked the "drugs" from getting into the country.

Ryan says,  "In Spain, you can't get over-the-counter sleep aides. Melatonin is a herbal one that I like to use because it's not really harmful. You can't get it there, it's basically like crack." Wow. So Lindsay just needs to be placed in Spain. Problem solved.

He adds, "I had my family ship it over from America, and it never got to me each time. I tried six times to get it there." 

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