What the Gab is going on??

I kind of dug this Kat Von D chick. Now, she just seems like a curvy girl hook digging for more fame. Get what you deserve Jesse J!

Jessica and her boyfriend

Oh Helll no! Look at the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Carnival stuff here.

Waving goodbye to summer

Jessica Alba rocks a gorg dress at a premiere. The guy behind her thinks so too!

Yes Olivia you are sick sexy. Bitch. For my bro!

Sausage leg, Olsen twin?

She seems stressed.

Ahhh. She forgot to think.

Jackie Warner your long hair confuses me

Kelly Osbourne goes sexy...how long will it last? Sizzle.

Crocheted penis!! but of course!!

NM Goodwill box turns up inert grenade

Teen accidentally texts sheriff to purchase pot. Bahahahah!

'Images' of Jesus showing up around the world....



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