Lisa Rinna likes to be naked

Extra joined Lisa Rinna during her recent Playboy shoot, and they say she was very comfortable showing off her goods. "I'm 45 years old. I look good right now. Why not? Why not celebrate the beauty of the female body," Rinna says. "I never feel more comfortable than when I am naked taking pictures. I don't know what that's about. It's the craziest thing." It's about being a slut Lisa. Kidding.

How does she stay in such good shape? "I do work out a lot. Doing Dancing With The Stars changed my body and I never let it go back. I got that body and was like, 'I like this. I'm going to keep it.' And I did. So six days a week. I run and walk, dance. I do pilates...I spin."

Lisa's husband Harry Hamlin likes the Playboy pics. "They're awesome. They're amazing. I mean, look at who the subject was!"

Rinna's Playboy cover hits stands Friday, April 17th.



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