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Mayer mood swing....breaks it off with Jen Aniston again. Ugh...just stay away from that slippery dude!

Sarah Palin's daughter will be a single mom

Angelina finds Brad rubbing down the nanny in their bedroom, so she beats Brad and fires the slut!

Madonna steals 12-year-old daughter's look. That's what happens when you date a guy 28 years younger...

Mandy Moore got married

Androgynous celebs

Britney has a new boyfriend

Want to laugh until you cry? Council member farts, really LOUD, during hearing

Man survives 180-foot jump into Niagara Falls, tried to push away rescuers

10-year-old girl decapitated by a crocodile in a Philippine lake after her canoe was knocked over...Good God

Woman gets father's WWII dog tags...65 years later

Museum finds "secret" message in Lincoln's watch

Spring break is here! Drunk 20-year-old falls from motel roof-lands on face

Lesbian suing after her high school principal told her she could not wear a tuxedo to her prom.

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