Yes. Jessica Simpson is chubby.

Jessica Simpson at the 24th Annual KISS 99.9 Chili Cook Off on the 25th. Yes, the girl has gained weight. Yes the public has the right to comment on it. This does not mean that people are "putting down women because they are not a size 2."

People are commenting on her weight gain because she makes a LIVING sporting her sexpot image. She created her look, she splashed the daisy dukes and fans are used to her barbieness. No drama when people were saying how sexy she looked. Now that she has gained some weight, the public isn't supposed to notice or comment on it? Come on. It is what it is. She doesn't look bad... but please do not expect people to act like they don't notice or make remarks when a famous person looks different- especially when they usually look like this. I honestly thought these photos would have brought on more of the camel toe remarks. Next.

US Weekly/PR Photos


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