Beyonce's wedding that never was

Salma Hayek is planning a $3.5 million dollar wedding next spring with her Gucci wearing fiance, Francois-Henry Pinault.

Word is they will fly in 400 guests on private jets for the five day celebration- held at a chateau near St. Tropez, France- at a cost of $700,000. Salma's wedding gown is being custom made by Nicolas Ghesquiere, the creative director of Pinault-owned Balenciaga. Pinault also owns Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent. Swoon. Salma's dress is said to cost a mere $500,000.

Get this, Salma's toddler Valentina will wear a $50,000 gown for the big day! The flower budget alone is almost $1 million.

According to a "friend," the couple's menu will include Beluga caviar, fresh lobster and Kobe beef from Japan. Her 7 tier cake will cost a cool $100,000. A source said, "Salma has dreamed her whole life about a Cinderella wedding, and she wants it done right- $3.5 million worth of right!"

Enquirer/ PR Photos

Update: The engagement is called off.


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