Gab passes it

If you are in the public eye, and you have a big ass, people will talk about it. Just like they talk about your new film coming out, or photos of you stumbling out of a club. We see it, we comment. Next.

Britney Spears mocks Julia Roberts. Uncanny.

Sharon Stone says the Chinese earthquake was karma against their government. What's happening to this woman?

Christina Ricci should be on the cover of Fitness Magazine

Amy Winehouse and Pete Dougherty merge

Gwen and Gavin celebrate King's birthday

Another Hogan car crash. Sharon says it's karma.

Charlie Sheen wants suddenly chub Denise to die.

A man grieving over the death of his girlfriend climbed inside the morgue's freezer to be with her- for an hour.

Devil teacher throws a vote to kick out little boy from the classroom! She Encouraged kids to vote stay or go. How about she goes to hell.

Space station fighting a stopped-up toilet. Not good.

Photo: Stupid Celebrities Gossip


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