Goodbye Guy, Madge has a new set of cojones

The details are starting to come out regarding Madonna's relationship with New York Yankee Alex Rodriguez. Us Weekly says Rodriguez fell for Madge about 6 months ago. A friend of Alex's says he watched him text Madonna over dinner: "He kept smiling, acting as if he was a little kid. He told me it was Madonna," A-Rod's friend says. "I was shocked."

"He proceeded to say he was in love with her," the big mouth buddy said. "I thought he was kidding, but he wasn't. He said, 'She's my f--king soulmate, dude."

Earlier this week, A Rod's wife Cynthia filed for divorce, saying that Madonna was the last straw. Cynthia's attorney commented on their affair, "Without talking about specifics of sexual conduct, there's no question. No one very often has pictures of the actual sex itself."

Get this, A-Rod hasn't even seen his newborn daughter Ella "more than once," the attorney said. "Literally 10 minutes after the birth of Ella in Miami, he was flying to NYC to see Madonna," a source claims. Ew. Slimy guy.

This week's Us has the full story on how Madonna lured A-Rod away from his newborn, why a friend says he's "totally brainwashed" by Kabbalah, how Madonna is thriving on the attention and why her friends think A-Rod is "totally her type." How much longer will Madge keep faking it with Guy? Tick tock, tick tock.....

Us Weekly/ PR Photos


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