"Scientology is scary"

This week's Us Magazine reports actor Jason Beghe told the Village Voice that he was "brainwashed by the Church of Scientology" and he spent roughly $1 million during his 12 year journey with the group. He says he reached a level higher than John Travolta, and he is so over it.

Beghe alleges Scientology people secretly record "auditing" sessions- then later gossip about it. Gasp!! Auditing is when members are pushed to confess personal secrets, a form of "spiritual" counseling.

Beghe says, "Will Smith is supposedly dabbling in Scientology. Let Will know that his shit was fuc-ing recorded." Beghe decided to leave the church after surviving a near fatal car accident. He says church officials suggested he was in the accident because he had a gay friend. Beghe posted a clip on YouTube earlier this month criticizing Scientology- and it was removed five days later.

Us/ PR Photos


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